Makeup By Kumiko

Hi! Thanks for stopping by. My name is Kumi and I have a passion for makeup and love making others feel beautiful.

A little bit about me. I was born and raised in Sandy, UT. I’m half Japanese and am incredibly proud to be a part of two awesome cultures. As for my love for makeup, I’ve always loved makeup and got started in the industry by doing makeup for friends and family. This passion grew, and I was able to launch my freelance business. I feel blessed every day that I get to live my dream. My all-time favorite makeup look is natural glam. I love that you’re able to still feel like yourself, but simply feel like a polished version. I believe that your skin should still look like skin. Makeup should make you feel empowered, beautiful, and strong.

You can bring me something sweet and frozen any time of day, any time of year, I’ll eat it up! Especially if it’s an Italian Ice. I have a major thing for that treat and have been known to drive hours to get it. My sweet husband and I have been married for nine years now, and have two beautiful kids. Our four-year-old daughter Scottie, and two-year-old son Stockton. I love meeting new people, so send me an e-mail and let’s chat!

"Happy girls are always the prettiest"

-Audrey Hepburn